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High Voltage

Ensuring electrical safety and reliability with state-of-the-art high-voltage testing solutions and expertise.

Advancing Electrical Safety and Reliability

At Venturetronics, our High-Voltage Test Lab is equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure electrical systems and components’ utmost safety and reliability. We specialize in four key test areas: AC Hi-Pot Testing, DC Hi-Pot Testing, Lightning Impulse Testing, and Resonant Loop High Voltage and High Current Testing. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we conduct rigorous tests to evaluate insulation integrity, withstand voltage capabilities, and overall performance of electrical devices. From assessing dielectric strength to simulating real-world electrical stresses, our comprehensive testing solutions enable us to deliver superior quality assurance and peace of mind to our clients across various industries.

AC Hi-Pot Testing

Venturetronics’ High-Voltage Lab utilizes the state-of-the-art Hipotronics 100 kV, 100HVT system for AC Hi-Pot Testing. This cutting-edge system is designed to perform over-voltage or high-potential tests, commonly known as Hi-Pot tests. These tests are vital to ensure that the Device Under Test (DUT) insulation possesses a minimum level of dielectric strength required to withstand in-service electrical stresses. The principle behind AC Hi-Pot Testing lies in subjecting the insulation to a higher voltage for a brief period (typically 1 minute), demonstrating its ability to withstand such stresses, thus minimizing the risk of in-service failures.

The Hipotronics 100 kV, 100HVT system is versatile and can be effectively used to test a wide range of objects, including transformers, power cables, bushings, capacitors, and various other electrical insulating materials.

General Specifications

  • Input Rating: 230 Vrms, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Output Rating: 100 kVrms, 100 mArms

DC Hi-Pot Testing

Our lab employs the advanced Megger 15 kV, MIT-1525 system for DC Hi-Pot Testing. This compact and versatile tester is CAT IV-rated and is specifically designed for diagnostic testing and maintenance of high-voltage electrical equipment. In addition to measuring insulation resistance up to 30 TΩ, the MIT1525 system offers various diagnostic tests, including polarization index, dielectric absorption ratio, step voltage, dielectric discharge, and ramp testing.

General Specifications

  • Input Rating: 230 Vrms, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Output Rating: 15 kV, up to 30 TΩ

Lightning Impulse Testing

Venturetronics’ Lab is equipped with the capability to perform lightning impulse testing up to 30 kV using Prima’s SUG61005TBX system. Impulse voltage test systems are crucial in testing transformers, cables, gas-insulated switchgear (GIS), insulators, arresters, and other high-voltage devices. These systems generate lightning impulse voltage (LI, 1.2/50 μs), chopping lightning impulse voltages (LIC, front time 1.2 μs, front, crest, or tail chopped), and switching impulse voltage (SI, 250/2500 μs) in accordance with relevant international standards.

General Specifications

  • Open-Circuit Voltage:2 ~ 30 kV ± 5%
  • Short-Circuit Current:1 ~ 15 kA ± 10%
  • Surge Polarity: Positive/Negative/Asynchronous
  • Phase: Synchronism 0° ~ 360° selectable/Asynchronous
  • Complex Impedance: 2 Ω (L-N) and 12 Ω (L-PE&N-PE) (Common mode)

Resonant-Loop High-Voltage and High-Current Testing

Venturetronics’ Labs have developed a unique mechanism for Resonant-Loop High-Voltage and High-Current Testing. This specialized setup is specifically designed for conducting experiments and tests involving electrical systems operating at elevated voltages and currents. Our high-current, high-voltage cell supports research, development, and testing in various fields, such as electrical engineering, power systems, renewable energy, and material science.

The setup enables testing of devices at voltages as high as 5 kVrms and currents up to 4 kArms. It is frequently used to test static and dynamic series compensator devices used in high-voltage transmission lines for power flow control.

General Specifications

  • Output Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum Current: 4,000 Arms continuous, up to 4,300 Arms short duration
  • Maximum Voltage: 4,000 Vrms continuous, up to 5,000 Vrms short duration
  • Input Voltage: 440 Vrms phase-to-phase at 50/60 Hz

Explore Our Advanced Testing Capabilities

Venturetronics offers comprehensive high-voltage testing solutions tailored to meet diverse industry needs. Contact us to learn more about how our expertise can enhance and ensure the reliability and safety of your electrical systems and components.

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