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Fault Current

Unlock enhanced electrical safety and reliability with our cutting-edge fault current testing solutions at Venturetronics Labs.

Ensuring Electrical Safety Under
Short-Time Stresses

Venturetronics Labs houses a specialized in-house setup tailored for fault current testing—also known as short-time withstand testing—of various electrical equipment, including busbars, switchgear, circuit breakers, and cables. This crucial testing process evaluates the ability of electrical components to withstand short-duration fault currents, ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems under transient conditions.

With our advanced configuration, devices can be subjected to fault currents reaching up to 20 kArms for durations ranging from 500 milliseconds to 1 second. This capability allows us to simulate and assess the response of electrical equipment to high-current faults, enabling us to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities before deployment in real-world applications.

General Specifications

  • Output Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum Current: 20 kArms for 500 ms to 1 s
  • Input Voltage: 440 Vrms phase-to-phase at 50/60 Hz

Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

Fault current testing is essential for verifying electrical equipment’s robustness and safety features, particularly in critical infrastructure and industrial applications where equipment failure can have catastrophic consequences. By subjecting devices to high-current fault conditions within controlled laboratory environments, we can accurately assess their performance characteristics, including thermal behavior, mechanical integrity, and insulation withstand capability.

Experienced Engineering Expertise

At Venturetronics, our fault current testing services are conducted by experienced engineers and technicians with extensive knowledge of electrical systems and testing methodologies. We adhere to industry standards and best practices to ensure accurate and reliable testing procedures, providing recommendations and actionable insights to our clients to improve the performance and reliability of their electrical systems.

Comprehensive Reporting

During fault current testing, various parameters, including voltage, current, temperature, and mechanical stresses, are monitored and analyzed in real-time. Our state-of-the-art data acquisition and analysis systems allow us to capture detailed information about the device under test’s behavior during fault conditions, facilitating comprehensive performance evaluation and root cause analysis.

Detailed Test Reports

The results of fault current testing are compiled into detailed test reports, which outline the test procedures, observed behavior of the device under test, and any anomalies or failures encountered during testing. Our reports enable clients to make informed decisions about the safety and reliability of their electrical systems, satisfying regulatory compliance, product certification, and design optimization.

Expanded Service Offerings

In addition to fault-current testing, Venturetronics offers a comprehensive range of electrical testing and analysis services, including insulation resistance testing, thermal imaging, and power quality analysis. Our dedication to achieving excellence and satisfying our customers motivates us to constantly improve our testing capabilities and broaden our range of services to meet our client’s changing demands in diverse industries.

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